Built for Zero

Team Lead: Amber Teer, amber.teer@lynchburgva.gov

Helps to develop real time data on homelessness using the By-Name List, optimize local housing resources, track progress toward monthly goals, and accelerate proven strategies.

The Central Virginia Continuum of Care has been accepted into the Built for Zero Campaign- a national change effort working to help communities end homelessness amongst veterans and the chronically homeless. This effort is led by Community Solutions to help us develop real time data on homelessness, optimize local housing resources, track progress toward monthly goals and accelerate proven strategies.

Since partnering with Built for Zero, the CVCoC launched a By-Name List - real-time list of all people within the CVCoC priority subpopulations experiencing homelessness in your community.  It includes a robust set of data points that support coordinated access and prioritization at a household level and an understanding of homeless inflow and outflow at a system level.  This real-time actionable data supports triage to services, system performance evaluation and advocacy (for the policies and resources necessary to end homelessness).

CVCoC By-Name List Procedure

BNL Process.png