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Access to CoC Funded RRH Programs

As PSH is a vital tool in ending homelessness for priority populations, these slots are filled through a strategic process. This process is designed to identify the most vulnerable persons served by the CoC and ensure their placement in PSH. The following outlines the process for prioritization:

  • With a signed copy of the CVCoC Release of Information, the Vulnerability Index - Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT) should be administered for any literally homeless household that qualifies as one or more of the priority subpopulations when diversion has been unsuccessful and the household remains homeless.

  • Once a priority subpopulation household has been assessed with the VI-SPDAT, the provider will complete the By-Name List Reporting form and sent a copy to the CVCoC Lead Agency, Miriam’s House.

  • Twice a month, the Community Case Review (CCR) team will meet to review the By-Name List and prioritize PSH referrals based on HUD Notice CPD 16-11 who have the greatest vulnerabilities and barriers based on the VI-SPDAT scores.

  • CCR members will vote to identify the top three candidates for each opening, with the candidates chosen by a majority vote. This ensures the process does not need to be repeated if the first individual is found to be ineligible for the service (i.e. is unable to obtain proof of having a disability of long duration, etc.).

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants must meet the HUD definition of homelessness and have a disability of long duration.

  • All eligible participants will have completed a HBA and Vulnerability Index - Service Prioritization Decision Tool (VI-SPDAT).

  • Participants must score a 3.5 or higher on the HBA tool.

Minimum Standards

  • There can be no predetermined length of stay for a PSH program.

  • All participants must have a completed CoC Housing Barrier Assessment and CoC Housing Plan.

  • Supportive services designed to meet the needs of the program participants must be made available to the program participants at least monthly.

  • Program participants in PSH must enter into a lease agreement for an initial term of at least one year. The lease must be automatically renewable upon expiration, except on prior notice by either party, up to a maximum term of 24 months.

  • Turnover beds in PSH projects will be prioritized according to Appendix E, p. 46, which includes HUD Notice CPD 16-11 and the CoC’s written standards for order of priority for dedicated or prioritized PSH beds for chronically homeless individuals.

  • PSH programs will utilize Housing First approaches.

Expected Performance Outcomes

  • 80% of participants remain stable in PSH or exit to a different permanent housing situation.

  • 50% of participants will have cash income at annual review or discharge.

  • 25% of participants will have cash income from employment at annual review or discharge.

  • 50% of participants will increase cash income at annual review or discharge.

  • 50% of all participants have mainstream (non-cash) benefits at annual review or discharge.